Recent Investments

OK, so I just thought I’d share a couple of recent purchases…ah, I mean “investments” that I recently made for myself.   Nothing flashy like a new iPad or anything, just a couple of nice titles to add to my bookshelf.

iPhone SDK Development

iPhone SDK Development

iPhone SDK Development (Bill Dudney and Chris Adamson – Pragmatic Bookshelf)

This book is cool because I actually know 3 guys who contributed to it.  Chris Adamson is the co-author, and is my good friend who I carpool to CocoaHeads with. Matt Drance wrote the forward, and he was one of my instructors at the iPhone studio. And Daniel Steinberg was the editor, and he was also an instructor at the studio!

Proud to support the work these guys are doing!

I only wish I got the book for free at the Pragmatic Studio, that would have been a nice bonus. I think they should start giving it away at the studios, or at least roll it into the cost. It’s a great resource, so far it’s been very helpful!

Core Data

Core Data

Core Data: Apple’s API For Persisting Data on Mac OS X (Marcus Zarra – Pragmatic Bookshelf)

I’ve been going back and forth about how to persist data in my first app. I’ve recently learned that plists can do a lot more than I originally gave them credit for, and there’s another approach called “archiving objects” which seems even better than that. But to really get the job done it seems like you need something like SQLite or Core Data.

From what little I’ve seen of the two, Core Data seems to be the better option. SQLite has been around a long time, and as a web developer I thought it might make sense to take the opportunity to get more acquainted with SQL, as it will be useful in more than one place. However, I like what I see of Core Data, and it’s Apple’s preferred method, so I’m going down that road. Chris Adamson recommended this book, and I always trust his judgment in these matters.

So here I go, back to the books!

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  1. Bekah says:

    Hard at work, even as I read this post, with your iPhone Studio workbook opened in front of you… Love you, good job! Keep up the good work!

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